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Energy Program


Garden River First Nation strives to maintain energy conservation, efficiency and renewable energy generation including solar, wind, and waste.  Our community has been involved in positive changes that impact our environment and economy whether that be a resident or small business.

The Indigenous Community Energy Plan (ICEP) is an energy strategy and plan for Garden River First Nation with the support from The Independent Electrical System Operator (IESO).  The purpose and goal of ICEP is to implement our current and future energy priorities, promote educational development and awareness programs while engaging in the community and leadership. Working with other departments such as Public Works, Waste Management, Education, Housing and Land and Resources we hope to build awareness and becoming further educated on the true cost of energy including the impact on the environment and economy.

The programs we have inform and educate our community of the alternative ways to reduce their monthly hydro/natural gas bills, home renovations and creating a clean home using maintenance tips.

Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) helps with savings and lowering monthly electricity costs and receive a credit between $45.00- $110.00 on each electricity bill through Hydro One.

WE CARE About our Environment

programs and services —

ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP) Is through the Save-On-Energy and help people who are responsible for paying their monthly electricity bill as a homeowner or as a renter may qualify for this program. You may receive one or more of the following: ENERGY STAR®-certified LED light bulbs, High-efficiency showerheads (standard and handheld), Faucet aerators (kitchen and bathroom) *, Drying line for clothes, Energy-efficient refrigerator, Window air conditioner, Smart power strip, Additional attic or basement insulation**, Weatherstripping around doors and windows, Smart thermostat(s)**


All Programs and Services

HOME WEATHERIZATION PROGRAM through Green Saver is offered to qualifying low-income private single-family households and to social housing providers and residents in the Enbridge and former Union Gas service area.

THE HOME EFFICIENCY REBATE can help lower your energy costs and make it more comfortable year-round. Get up to $5,000 in rebates for insulation, air sealing, new windows/doors, water heaters, boilers, furnaces, and home energy assessments.

COVID-19 ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (CEAP) You can receive a credit on your bill up to $750.00 if your electricity and natural gas account is overdue due to Covid-19.

LOW-INCOME ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (LEAP) PROGRAM helps with payment on billing in arrears up to $500.00 in emergency assistance for their electricity bills ($600.00 if your home is heated electrically) on bills through the Ontario Energy Board.

GREEN SAVER-ENERGY AFFORDABILITY PROGRAM has two types of support available: Comprehensive Support and Energy Saving Kits. The type of support provided will depend on the household income level from the previous year and how many people live in the home, or on an individual’s receipt of a qualifying government or energy-support benefit. 

THE WASTE MANAGEMENT PLAN was developed to reduce waste production within our community.  A Transfer station was implemented to manage items not accepted via curbside collection, along with a community share shed and our recycling center, which having all these stations together makes it easier for the residents to sort and organize their waste appropriately in one location.

Garden River First Nation is in the process of starting an Energy Committee.  We would be seeking community members and councilors to join and implement The Community Energy Plan.   Members of the Energy Committee are committed to establishing an ongoing implementation strategy of the Community Energy Plan.  As this energy plan is a living document, updating will occur regularly at scheduled dates.  Plan would be to meet once a month.